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Hourly Classical 1h 56m 164
Daily SuperBlitz 1h 30m 4
Hourly Blitz 56m 2
Hourly Bullet 26m 2
Hourly Crazyhouse 56m 0
Nimzowitsch 1.5+0 Anti Rated 1h 30m 17
Suetin 3+0 960 Rated 20m 3
Prokeš 4+0 Atom Rated 30m 9
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  10. Max rating range should be inc… VariantLurker 2900 also means 2900+, so no problems.
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  12. Notes don't persist asifmallik The note is specific to the game not opponent
  13. [Atomic] Is this position win … Illion Instead of 4. Rd4+ what would you do? 4. Rf3+?? Qxf3 is a clean win. B…
  14. Ten bishops Bulanukh :) What about ten queens?
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