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  1. whats with the blue color chess board ProgramFOX Quoting thibault on the #lichess IRC channel: > bug, fixing now
  2. whats with the blue color chess board GHOSTMIND can we get back the original color ? thanks
  3. Random Team Classical Tournament/League Tournaments A great idea, but a classical community would need to be formed. I gue […]
  4. Correspondence Top 10,50,100 Unihedron http://lichess.org/qa/422/were-the-correspondence-trophys-and-top-ten- […]
  5. Suppose we had a time machine intelligentdesign We take Bobby Fischer, Magnus Carlsen, Garry Kasparov, and Jose Raul C […]
  6. Idea for variable premoves paulduv How about this idea... With a set number of plausible moves by your op […]
  7. Chess website rankings casualr I wonder why echecsemail.com is not on the list ( may be it is too low […]
  8. Random Team Classical Tournament/League Phyisis Not exactly sure what to call this, but I had an idea for organizing c […]
  9. Correspondence Top 10,50,100 rzenaikrzys What happened with Correspondence Top Players list?
  10. No one ever won a game by resigning. andonuts For some reason, I'm quite a bit better player when I play people who […]
  11. Beginner: Help with a simple position Dolg I disagree. That pin is a real positional problem. The way to play the […]
  12. Chess website rankings Zugzwang69 to: rise_uied...Thanks for the link... I had no ideal that there are s […]
  13. Beginner: Help with a simple position Masquerade Thank you! I'll take a look at your links! :-)
  14. Under 2000 Tournaments Jaque_Mate I like berserk. Maybe for such tournaments the author can make it optional...?
  15. Beginner: Help with a simple position Jaque_Mate Hello, It may have been nice to know what was up in the last few m […]
  16. Beginner: Help with a simple position Masquerade My question concerns this position (viewed from black's perspective): […]
  17. Under 2000 Tournaments A65XE Can we setup tournaments: - only under 2000 rated players - no ber […]
  18. Please save tactics trainer history! n3utrino I've posted this before, but I would *love* if complete tactics traine […]
  19. Chess website rankings rise_UIED chess-links.org
  20. Watch International Events (Sugesstion) Usolando "Watch International Events" is too crowded with tournaments. There s […]
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