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 Hourly Bullet 30m  0
 Hourly Blitz 50m  38
 Shah  2+0 960 Rated 40m  2/5
 Sparks  1+0 Anti Rated 40m  1/4
 Berry  1+0 Rated 30m  1/4
 Lim  1+2 Rated 30m  1/4
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  1. Bullet? PerPeroGlu f*** bullet and blitz. they are not the real chess
  2. Lichess vs chess.com rfw This year is a good momentum for lichess to leap ahead in terms of num […]
  3. Other time control? Saptarshi10 Nice idea.......We could have 2-4 minutes for 40 moves in bullet games […]
  4. Other time control? mCoombes314 I had also thought of this... amount of time for x moves would be a us […]
  5. Bullet? runpawnrun However in short doses, bullet can keep the mind sharp. The ability to […]
  6. Bullet? runpawnrun Bullet is 99% mouseplay, 1% chess.
  7. Bullet? visuseast it's just for split second decisions. whoever is the better split sec […]
  8. Bullet? kreedz In this mode difficult to cheat. It's virtually impossible.
  9. Bullet? msimsek I see many people are playing bullet, I never understood the appeal. I […]
  10. Other time control? msimsek I am quite new to the site, but I am loving it. Now that I've reached […]
  11. OPENING ChikiPuki Training > Openings
  12. Rematch system flaw Clarkey There is, there's an indicator next to their name. Green => At the pag […]
  13. Rematch system flaw g22 There needs to be a notice when an opponent leaves a match. You chall […]
  14. Weird Stockfish Analysis and B […] cafestream I think it may be because of a bug in lichess GUI for en passant move. […]
  15. Weird Stockfish Analysis and B […] Britvich The computer analysis of this game... http://lichess.org/eSYZtlet#6 […]
  16. Lichess vs chess.com cafestream agree @ #24 SS_Totenkopf, exactly my thought.. But there may be re […]
  17. Resignation warning zedani That's it Tg6++
  18. wrongly flagged keilormiso A friend of mine was marked as cheater and he is sure he is not cheati […]
  19. (feature request) Tournament (0+5) mihailp I want to create tournament 0+5. Plz, implement.
  20. Swiss-system in Tournaments Yersinia_Pestis all valid responds, but is it so difficult to program a more balanced […]
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